Bifold Wallet in Black Crazy Horse Leather - CWB

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Color: Black

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Hard to find BLACK Crazy horse leather wallet in two styles. Horizontal and Vertical. It holds 6 cards, 1 per slot although you can fit 2 if you need to.

 This sturdy, high quality wallet is perfect for someone who appreciates function and fashion. Made out of the highest quality crazy horse leather (also known as saddleback and distressed leather), This wallet will wear beautifully - getting softer, shinier, and more supple with each use. It's a timeless piece so lasting, even your grandkids will be able to appreciate it. If you're looking for a simple yet refined wallet to carry your essentials, pick this one up today.

   * Made from the highest quality crazy horse leather, 2mm thick    * Heavy duty stitching ensures durability and flexibility    * Holds up to 6 credit cards (or 5 cards and an ID) and bills    * Traditional bi-fold design    * Smooth rounded corners for a modern look

When you use something to scratch it, there will be have a scratch mark, but it will disappear after a couple of days, this is what makes crazy horse leather special and what gives the leather a vintage look. Once you have used this wallet for a while the leather will become soft and bright.

Vertical - 4.6 x 4       Vertical II - 4.4 x 4       Horizontal 4 x 4.6 

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