Because a wallet says so much about you.
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You know your wallet is too big and you know your back would thank you if you switched to a smaller wallet. You've looked at those minimalist wallets but they only carry a couple of cards and maybe a bill but you've got more than that! If only you could find that perfect wallet that was minimalist in style but traditional in capacity... if only. Well you have! Get your WALLETERAS-  Double Espresso today and you'll be getting a wallet that can carry as many as nine cards, have room to carry more than just one bill, and have all your credit cards and ID protected with RFID blocking at the same time!

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    Double Espresso S and L - Have everything that you are looking for 

    •  Room for 9 (Double Espresso-S) and 12 (Double Espresso-L) cards 
    • Only 2.9 x3.9 x.3 inches (Double Espresso-S) or 2.9 x4.3 x.3 inches (Double Espresso-L) 
    • Pockets for Receipts and cash 
    • RFID Blocking Technology
    •  Crazy Horse Leather Oil Wax leather 
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