Because a wallet says so much about you.
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Carbon Fiber/RFID Blocking Slim Front Pocket Wallet - Black

$29.99 $38.99
Walleteras - 2XRFID
RFID Blocking Security Wallets
The the fight against identity theft starts with your wallet. Unlike other wallets this one does not need to be closed in order to protect your cards since every slot is  lined  with RFID not just the back. Learn more about the walleteras difference
Walleteras RFID WALLET 2 is better than 1
Walleteras RFID Wallet has taken this further by adding an extra layer of protection. You see carbon fiber block RFID signals on their own but we decided to add an extra layer of RFID blocking material giving you two layers of protection against identity thieves. If you are traveling abroad this is must item to take with you.
  • ✔ Safety - Privacy - Security -Two layers of protection. 
      • Outer layer -  Carbon Fiber 
      • Inner layer - RFID Blocking Material 
      • Plus every slot is completely lined  the same RFID blocking material.
  • ✔ Slim and Stylish - Carbon fiber wallets exude style, class, and a taste for elegance all while offering an impeccable design paired with next generation functionality and technology.
  • ✔ Full Leather - Made from sturdy and durable leather.  Fashionable and elegant.
  • ✔ Minimalist - Carries just what you need nothing more nothing less. It holds up to 8 cards (2 per slot) a Driver License and Cash. It measures 3.5 x 4.1"

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