How To Properly Use A Money Belt

Properly Using a Money Belt It’s as easy as you think, but not everyone uses it the “right” way!
So you got your Money Belt now what? Put it around your waist and secure the buckle of course! Make sure it hangs low & loose to show off the design, right?


wrong way to wear a money belt
Wrong way to wear a money belt

Your Money Belt is meant to be worn discreetly under your clothing It’s not meant to act as a hands-free purse or man bag.It's meant to be your Peace of Mind Keep just the bare necessities for emergencies That means your Passport, Visa, spare credit card and some emergency cash.
Now, in your bag or front pocket wallet (FPW)... That's where you store your regular photo ID, daily use credit card, and enough cash for the day. Your bag or FPW is what you access regularly ... to buy food, souvenirs, go on adventures, etc.... God forbid your wallet or bag gets stolen... but if it does you’re not left helpless.

Your passport, emergency cash and credit card are  hidden safely beneath your clothing. Securing your travel documents and money may not be the first thing on your mind when you plan to travel. But it SHOULD be!


 So  before you climb Mt. Everest or sail the seven seas or even skydive head first just for fun You need to ensure your precious travel documents & money are secure. Only then can you relax and truly enjoy your adventures.

The right way to wear a money belt

The BUZZLOCK Money Belt is stylish and comes in a gender-friendly neutral color and design, BUT! It’s not meant to be shown off. We already know we’re pretty, you don’t need to show us. All we want is for you to have your adventures and to travel with peace of mind.
The Money Belt is water resistant so normal “be careful you may get wet” situations are perfectly
harmless BUT!  If your schedule has you diving with the sharks, it is best to leave it in your hotel safe.
When you’re back on dry land, only carry what money you need for the day in your bag or Front Pocket Wallet so that you’re never opening your  Money Belt in public. Using your Money Belt like a purse or fanny pack is like wearing a sign that says “I’m a tourist! – Rob Me!"

Don’t be “THAT” guy.

Be safe. Travel securely, and wear your Money Belt the right way.

Wear a Money belt Under Your Clothes