To some people a wallet is just a practical device to hold our credit cards, money, some receipts and whatever else we can fit into it.

To the rest of us, a wallet is an expression of our unique identity. The color, the style, the texture, the pattern  - every last detail is a reflection of ourselves. And that’s just the wallet itself, never-mind what we put into it!

Have you ever stopped and really thought about what your wallet holds? When we were young, we often carried around nonsense that made us feel more mature, more grown up. Then later we start to carry things that are really valuable to us: a photo of a loved one, the number of that really great person you met at the coffee shop, tickets to our favorite music concert, a receipt to our first major purchase, and of course, our money. It’s surprising how many valuables (monetary or sentimental) we hold in our wallets every day

Every time we pull our wallet out, we show the world who we are. Is the wallet a hot fiery red with just as much spice as you? Or is it more subdued with subtle tones of taupe and eggshell, practical yet elegant? Perhaps you, like us, go for a classic black or brown, bold and confident yet with an air of tradition. On the flip side, is it carelessly overstuffed with the nonsense of our youth and busting at the seams?  Or is it tattered and torn, ready for it’s final resting spot in your box of memories? Hopefully it’s not stained and falling apart, people might think your torn and falling apart!

Wallets are an important part of our lives whether we realize it or not. Next time you pull out your own wallet, think about what it says about you. If it’s time to get a new one and to tell a different story, check out our sleek new front pocket wallets.  

Tell the story you want to tell.