Slim Wallets for Men at WALLETERAS – Trendy and Compact Card and Cash Holders

Do you know wallets can add value to your style statement? The confidence of a modern man lies in accommodating a specific and unique style. In a quench to look perfect men invest their time, money and effort in selecting apt wardrobe and accessories! And a wallet is no different! A perfect wallet enhances the complete personality of a man.

The wallet you choose has a huge impact on the perception of others on you and creates a lasting impression. Therefore, you must choose a wallet that fits well with the modern styling world. Among the various modern wallets available today, the slim wallets for men are becoming the new trend.

What are slim wallets? Slim wallets for men are compact in nature that fit perfectly into your front pocket and your back. At WALLETERAS we carry a wide collection of thin and slim wallets for men than make them look stylish and are practical as well! Have a look at our exclusive collections below –


SETTE is a front pocket wallet and thin minimalist credit card holder that is made using distressed leather. It can hold up to six cards and there is a middle pocket as well for carrying emergency cash. Its size is only 3 x 4 inches. The wallet is available in dark brown color.

  • SWAG

SWAG is a brilliantly designed and versatile card holder and wallet that is simple and sleek. This wallet is a streamlined card holder that has enough space to hold your most important cards and cash.. The wallet is merely 2.9” x 4” in size. You will find three pockets inside it. The wallet also has two exterior quick access slots that you can use for keeping your most used cards or IDs. SWAG is made from full grain leather with a beautiful and subtle pebble texture.

  • POKET-R1


POKET-R1 is a vertical minimalist card holder with RFID protection. It can hold up to 12 cards and emergency cash. The wallet is made of crazy horse leather with RFID lining and an outer layer of nylon rip stop.

  • POKET-R2


POKET –R2 is a horizontal style mini card holder that can hold up to 12 cards and a couple of folded bills along with emergency cash. The wallet is made of crazy horse leather inside and outside sandwiching RFID lining.

  • S2

S2 is one of slim wallets for men, which is a 2 ID front pocket wallet made of black waxed leather. It measures 2.8 x 4 x 0.3 inches with rounded edges to slide perfectly into your pockets. It has three front slots to hold your most used cards. It also has two ID windows, two internal pockets and each slot is lined with RFID blocking lining in front as well as back for protecting your cards.

  • Double Espresso “S/ID”

Double Espresso “S/ID” is a small wallet from WALLETERAS that has room for carrying everything you need. It measures 2.9 x 3.9 x 0.3 inches with rounded edges. It also features two slots in the back for convenient storage of insurance cards or driver license, four internal card slots, two internal pockets and each slot is lined with RFID. The wallet is made of pebble and top grain leather.

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