When I travel, I Use A Money Belt

When I travel, I use my money belt  Especially when I’m alone and have to keep tabs on all my stuff. “Stuff” is one thing But my passport & credit cards, That's a whole different story. With my money belt I always have my passport & spare credit card & cash on me at all times!

I’ve used my money belt when traveling to Europe and I always make sure, in areas that are notorious for pickpockets, like crowded areas and other select spots, I always wear my money belt.

The benefits of using a Money Belt include: Money, passports, credit cards, & other essential travel papers are with you AT ALL TIMES! Even when you’re sleeping on a train or plane, the money belt will stay fastened securely under your clothing, making loss from theft much less likely.

Pickpockets and opportune thieves have a harder time stealing from them! It’s one thing for thieves to grab a wallet out of your pocket or open up a backpack but to go underneath your clothes and into a zippered pouch? Now THAT takes skill. So for your next trip, be prepared & get your BUZZLOCK  RFID Money Belt now!