RFID Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet / Credit Card Holder with ID Window - Espresso "M"

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WALLETERAS Espresso - Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet


Espresso - Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet / Credit Card Holder with ID Window

  • DESIGNED FOR YOUR FRONT POCKET: It carries up to 4 credit cards on one side (2 per slot) and a DL on the other. A middle pocket to hold your cash. This sleek and modern wallet is sure to please. But if you really need to carry more than 4 CC then this unique feature is for you -
  • A FULLY LINED RFID EXTRA POCKET BEHIND THE ID WINDOW FOR 2 MORE CREDIT CARDS. If you've never carried one, I predict you'll quickly become addicted to the ease and security of the front pocket wallet.

  • RFID BLOCKING TECHNOLOGY- Keep your credit cards save from skimming thieves.  Fully lined with RFID Blocking material to keep your information safe and the electronic pickpockets out and yet it's slender enough to keep in your front pocket where it's safe and secure.

  • NO MORE BACK PAIN- Got back pains from shoving that fat wallet into your back pocket and then sitting crooked for hours on end? Get rid of of the old cumbersome, unhealthy, and unsightly back pocket wallet and get yourself a slim, minimalist wallet that has enough room to carry just what you need, no more, no less.

  • Measures an outstanding 2.75” x 3.9” and is less than 1/8” thick!

  • M2 = 2.9" x 4" inches 

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