WALLETERAS Bifold Two ID Brown Leather Wallet - Heritage TX1

$42.99 $67.99

HERITAGE TX1 - A small bifold leather wallet for those that like the front of the wallet to be clean, nothing but leather.  

  1. Crazy horse leather for a worn vintage look
  2. RFID Lining in every pocket front and back.
  3.  Contrasting stitching in a red/orange color 
  4. 2 ID windows inside/outside 
  5. Back pocket for driving docs/ receipts/ etc. 
  6. 8 to 11 Cards 
  7. Currency  compartment  and
  8. Ripstop lining to reinforce behind the slots and pockets.
  9.  4.125" x 3.5" x .5"

 You will love TX1 


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