How Many Wallets Do You Really Need?

Are you one of the many men that seem to only ever have one wallet and they seem to use it until it rips and falls apart? It’s like they have a deep love affair with their wallet and never want to part. Many actually boast and brag “I’ve had this same wallet for 10, 15, or 20+ years.” They brag about how long they’ve had their wallet even though its best days were gone a decade past. 

Not that there is something wrong with having and using something for 10 to 20 years  it's just that I don’t understand the above thought as personally, I see wallets as I see my shoes or clothing.

You wouldn’t find me at a basketball game wearing my tuxedo and finely detailed oil-waxed leather wallet, nor would you find me at a black-tie gala in my ripped jeans, t-shirt, and distressed leather wallet. I need as many wallets as I have various regular scenarios in my day to day. 

When I take my dog out running, I can’t be bogged down with every credit card I own, no… I take my Driver’s License, one credit card, and my insurance card; that’s it. For that I have a very simple slim cardholder that carries only what I need without any additional bulk.  Some may say just put in the small pocket in your shorts, there is no need for a card holder, to what my answer would be.. naaa I like to keep my cards away from all the sweat. 

For my day-to-day, I like to switch out my wallets to match my style for the day. Often I’m in fairly casual wear so I have a relaxed casual card holder (which I prefer to any other style) that fit my go-to credit cards, my Driver’s License, my medical Insurance Card, a few business cards, and some spare cash. 

When I’m suited up, whether for a business meeting or a special night out, I prefer a sleek black, oil-waxed leather wallet that has all the fine detail and style to go with my ensemble. 

To answer the question, how many wallets does a man really need? Well it really comes down to personal preference and lifestyle, it may be 2 or 4  or maybe 10.

But every man should have at least...

So the next time you run across a wallet that you like and ask yourself, “do I REALLY need this wallet? I already have one.” Remember, you have more than one pair of shoes for various reasons and activities, you have different style belts for different style outfits, so OF COURSE you need your wallets to correspond with your different activities and styles. 

Don’t just keep using your one wallet over and over and over for 365 days over 20 years and it’s ripped and hanging on by a thread… rotate amongst the styles, have fun showing off your personality, have the styles you need for the lifestyle your living.