How to differentiate top grain leather from full grain leather.

What is full leather?  

Full leather refers to leather that has not been treated/ sanded or buffed to get rid  of all the imperfections. Full leather, crazy horse leather and saddleback leather are terms that refer to basically the same thing. Because it had not been treated the leather typically will have marks, like scars, insect bites, and stretch marks which makes each item made out of the leather unique.

Full leather is also the strongest and will last longer. What I  like about this leather besides the fact that is the best leather that money can buy is that overtime the leather will get nicer and shinier this effect is referred to as patina effect.  

New Crazy Horse Leather vs crazy horse leather after a year



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What is top  grain leather?

Okay, so now we know that full  leather has imperfections (scrapes, bites, scars) but to some people this is a beautiful thing.  However to others is not something that they want on their next wallet or hand bag. So what to do?  Well the the top 2 mm will get sanded, buffed and treated to get rid off the  scars, insect bites and stretch marks giving the leather a uniform look.

Top Grain Leather

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