RFID Protection in Every Pocket - The WALLETERAS® Difference

If you are considering buying an RFID wallet, READ THIS BEFORE YOU DO!

Security wallets have been designed to protect credit cards and debit cards to help prevent scanning of signals produced  by the RFID chips embedded in some credit cards. Now check out the following disclosure by one of the leading manufacturers of rfid wallets. 

"This protection is available ONLY when the wallet is closed properly."

Yes, you read correctly. In the majority of security wallets available, this RFID protection is only fully available (protected) when the wallet is fully closed. 

Say what?  You see, the cards are surrounded by the inner fabric lining only when the wallet is fully closed.

RFID lining   Most wallets purchased with RFID       protection have only a thin layer of RFID   blocking material along the back of the   wallet  that can only protect when the   wallet  is closed creating a shield front and   back. 

  What about a WALLETERAS RFID Wallet?

The walleteras Difference - RFID Protection all the time even when your wallet is open


  With A WALLETERAS RFID protected wallet,       you get the WALLETERAS  difference.

  •     Every card slot is lined with RFID lining   front and back creating a protective sleeve for every card.
  •    Every pocket is individually lined for           protection of IDs and Driver Licenses
  •   Your cards and IDs a fully protected  whether or not your wallet is open or closed. 

So the next time you're in the market  for a  security  wallet,  get yourself Walleteras RFID Wallets and Card Holders and be protected with the Walleteras difference.