RFID Money Belts and Front Pocket Wallets - A Must Have For Travelers

We don’t want to buy it but when we need it, we’re so glad we did.

Life is full of mishaps, accidents and the unknown. There is an old saying that goes, “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.”  Insurance is that preparation.

For travelers specifically, besides the obvious traveler’s insurance, traveler’s should also invest in a quality RFID blocking money belt. What you may not know is that traveler’s insurance won’t reimburse you if you have cash or credit cards stolen. They may assist in the recovery of identity theft but that’s only if you choose that plan ahead of time. An RFID blocking money belt can help prevent many of the potential threats and hassles that can come with traveling.

The BUZZLOCK Money Belt is a slim, comfortable pocket that you wear under your clothes. In it, you store only some emergency cash, a spare credit card, your passport, and copy of essential travel information, including emergency contact numbers etc. Made with a built-in RFID blocking technology so your money belt not only prevents physical theft of your passport and spare monies, it  also protects you from electronic theft of your ID and credit card information. Unlike a purse, back pocket wallet, backpack, or crossbody bag, a money belt is not easily accessed by pickpocketers or other ill-willed folks you may run into. A BUZZLOCK Money Belt IS your insurance.

Because the Money Belt is worn under your clothing, it is not meant to be accessed regularly like a purse or wallet. It is kept under your clothing, completely out of sight; in fact, you should just forget it’s there. While traveling, you would still use your purse or wallet as you would normally and if you do wind up becoming an unfortunate victim of theft, you have your insurance policy right underneath your shirt. You won’t be left stranded without a form of identity or money and it’s in that moment, you will be so glad you purchased that insurance.


Much like traditional insurance, it’s the hope that you never have to use it, but if you do, you will be thankful that you were covered.

If you’re planning on traveling, purchase your insurance today. Get your Money Belt with RFID blocking technology and travel securely with peace of mind.